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Boat Dock Materials At Belletetes

Boat Dock Materials At Belletetes

A boat dock is a perfect addition to a waterfront home. Whether you want a dock on the lake, river, or ocean, there’s a lot to consider before building your dream dock. Belletetes helps Southern New Hampshire residents with all their dock needs. With eight different locations throughout New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts, we’ve helped people with every imaginable project since 1898. We’ll assist you in choosing the best dock materials for your dream dock. Visit us today!

Guide To Selecting The Best Dock For You

There are multiple types of options of docks, so it can be challenging to know the best one that fits your needs. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Permanent or Removable –Permanent docks are securely installed into the ground under the water. They are not meant ever to be removed from the area. Removable docks flow with the fluctuating water levels, so they’re great for deep water or for sites with uneven bottoms.
  • Main Uses –It’s important to decide how you will use your dock. If you need to accommodate more than one piece of watercraft, you will need a larger type of dock. You must decide if it’s mainly a fishing or entertainment dock. If kids are swimming or jumping off of it, you must ensure it’s the proper height and length. All of these factors affect the shape, material, length, and width of the dock.
  • Body Of Water –Different types of water work best with different types of docks. A dock installed with a strong current in a river won’t hold up the same as a dock on a calm area of the lake. If the water levels fluctuate drastically or wave crashes day and night, you need a floating and sturdy dock.
  • Maintenance –The time and type of care you’ll need to put into your dock depends on your choice of the dock. Wooden docks need resealing and nail maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum docks need power washing but require little maintenance.

Dock Materials

It’s essential to choose the type of best type of material for your dock. Materials include:

  • Wood –Known as a traditional docking material, wood docks have beautiful aesthetics and offer a classic feel. Permanent wooden docks are often customized to each person’s needs.
  • Aluminum –Aluminum decking has interlocking edges for a watertight, gapless seal. Aluminum docks are scratch- and weather-resistant, lighter than wood, and stand up to time.
  • Plastic –Plastic docks are durable and innovative floating dock systems. They’re easy to install, affordable, and practical.

Types of Removable Docks

Removable types of docks include:

  • Floating –Large platforms of floating docks are commonly placed over airtight drums. These structures rise and fall easily with the water levels. They’re perfect for lakes, river beds, or sea areas that cannot support a fixed dock.
  • Piling –Large wooden beams of pilings are inserted into the water’s ground to create piling docks. They rise and fall with changing water levels and maintain their position. These docks are durable and work great as fishing docks or for larger boats.
  • Pipe –Pipe docks are usually built as removable docking with aluminum frames. They’re usually cost-effective and work best in shallow water. These stationary docks can easily become submerged, so it’s best to raise or lower them when water freezes or floods.

Types of Permanent Docks

Types of permanent docks include:

  • Suspension –Suspension docks are installed with cables and anchors over the water. They’re modern and visually appealing to most people. Suspension docks shouldn’t be installed in areas with regularly damaging weather or water swells.
  • Crib –Crib docks are made with crates or wooden frames along the bottom. These custom-built wooden frames are filled with rocks and covered with decking. Crib docks are durable and usually extend the shoreline.

Choose Belletetes For Your Dream Dock

For over 100 years, Belletetes has provided contractors and homeowners with the highest quality products for their every building need. We believe a dock is aesthetically pleasing, provides the perfect watercraft storage, is an excellent area for fishing, and offers an excellent addition to the water. This is why we provide the very best materials for your new boat dock or dock repair. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to assist you with your dream dock. Contact our experts today and come in for a visit!

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