Kitchen & Bath Specialists Design Services in Southern New Hampshire

The most personal spaces in a house deserve a little special attention. For us it’s not enough to carry high-quality merchandise; that’s why we are equally committed to offering high-quality service to our kitchen and bath customers.

Design Services

Creating or renovating a kitchen involves consideration of function as well as style, so choosing the right cabinets, counters, sinks, and faucets can be a daunting process. That’s why Belletetes Kitchen & Bath Specialists are carefully trained to help you with product and material selection. We also have the ability to provide full kitchen design services! We will come to your home to do all the measuring, furnish you with detailed plans and drawings, advise on everything from cabinet hardware to paint color coordination, window and lighting ideas to make sure the job is finished to meet or exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on creativity and work hard to offer you the best designs for your space.

20-20 Design Software

The 20-20 Design Program that our Kitchen & Bath Specialists use allows them to help you design, plan, and visualize your kitchen and bathroom ideas. 20-20 Design’s’ newest cutting-edge features, including incredibly realistic 3D renderings and thousands of flexible items from manufacturer catalogs, which allow our designers the ability to place desired options into your digital home. Created specifically for kitchen and bath industry professionals, this software has built-in prompts that ensure your project will comply with industry design standards, from start to finish, making sure your design will be correct the first time.

Kitchen & Bath Showrooms

Our locations in Jaffrey, Peterborough, Ashland, Andover and A&B Lumber Pembroke location all have Kitchen & Bath Showrooms. Visiting our showrooms allow you to examine products up close and personal. You’ll also have the chance to compare options and color choices as well as seeing how they function.

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