Trim Boards in Southern New Hampshire

PFJ- Primed Finger Jointed Pine

We sell G-M Wood Products, which allows Belletetes to offer many primed finger-jointed pine product options. All of the G-M Wood products that we sell are primed with a 90-day primer that G-M Wood Products has developed over the past 20 years. This allows for plenty of time for the product to be installed and painted for a premier finish.

Poplar/ Cedar/ Oak & Misc. Hardwoods

Poplar Trim boards offer superior paint and stain ability because it is an extremely versatile wood, and is perfectly suited to accept paint or stain. Poplar is also a non-resinous wood, meaning there is no bleeding or blotching through the finished surface because there is no pitch. Poplar is known as “the painter’s wood” because it sands to an extremely smooth surface and is the preferred paint grade species.Cedar Trim has remarkable dimensional stability. Meaning the wood doesn’t change its size or dimension despite weather, humidity or temperature conditions. Many clear cedar wood products can be stained and painted and not lose their beautiful grained appearance. It is also an elegant and prestigious type of house finishing product that lasts a long time. Visit Belletetes to view them in person.

Oak Trim has superior stain ability and is suitable for all colors of stain or clear coat finishes. With little variation in grain or color, you can easily install it throughout the home without spending time matching each piece. They are a consistent light brown shade with a hint of red.

Royal PVC

Royal Trimboard can be used in countless ways to trim a home and add long-lasting beauty and value. Its smooth, durable, 4-sided finish resists dirt buildup, while its “true square” edges provide cleaner installation. Trimboard comes ready to install, is paintable, and is backed by a lifetime never rot warranty. Contact us today.

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